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Providing Myrtle Beach Renters & Golf Cart Insurance

Renters Insurance In Myrtle Beach Protecting Your Belongings

Whether you are home, at work or on vacation, having Myrtle Beach renters insurance is key for your rental in the event your possessions are compromised due to weather or any other unfortunate circumstance. You are on the coast, and hurricanes do happen. In addition, your rental is near the beach, and visitors will come from all over the country.  Give the Tony Jordan Insurance Agency a call today to make sure you have liability protection protecting your personal belongings. Our agency will provide you valuable information concerning Myrtle Beach renters insurance to help you determine coverage that best fits your needs. By investing in Myrtle Beach renter insurance, you are also providing peace of mind for you and your family. Remember, your landlord does not insure your possessions, but we are here to get you covered through Myrtle Beach renters insurance geared just for you.

Myrtle Beach Golf Cart Insurance Protection

At Tony Jordan Insurance Agency, we provide Myrtle Beach golf cart insurance you must have on and off the course.  Accidents happen, and liability coverage on your Myrtle Beach golf cart insures you hurt someone or damage another party’s property. With so many golf courses, campgrounds and open layout communities creating a lot of golf cart transportation, stolen golf carts are relatively common in our area. With our Myrtle Beach golf cart insurance, you are protecting your investment. Even if you consider golf carts a fun toy, they still cause accidents and people unfortunately do get hurt. Swing on by Tony Jordan Insurance Agency today and learn more about the great golf cart insurance we offer our Myrtle Beach clientele.

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