Tony Jordan Insurance Agency, Inc.
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Tony Jordan Insurance Agency, Inc.

We offer multiple insurance products, including the following:

Homeowners, RV, Golf Carts & Mobile Home Insurance

Tony Jordan Insurance Agency is proud to call coastal South Carolina home. However, we understand that this area requires special insurance considerations, like hurricane coverage. We can help eliminate hurricane season anxiety with a homeowner’s insurance policy that meets our areas' specific needs. Second to hurricane damages in popularity is water damage. Each year water related incidents account for billions of dollars worth of damage. Sudden and accidential losses can cost you unforeseen expenses. Get in touch with us today about hurricane and water protection.

Regardless of what type of housing you call home, Tony Jordan Insurance Agency is devoted to providing peace of mind to all clients. Homeowners insurance covers your housing structure, and personal belongings. Homeowners insurance includes damage to property and liability or damages you are reponsible for to others. Earthquakes and floods are not included in standard homeowner’s policies, but we can create a custom package that ensures you are protected from extreme weather events.

There are many reasons to get homeowner’s insurance, and getting it from a reputable company devoted to its clients is important. In the event that you decide to update your home by investing in renovations, our agents are standing by to update your policy to make sure that everything about your ever-growing home is covered.

Motorcycle Insurance

Anyone who has ever ridden on a motorcycle knows the calm, yet invigorating thrill of the ride. Don’t let a lack of insurance impact your journey. Tony Jordan Insurance Agency offers many coverage plans that won’t get in the way of you and the road. Riding safely and belonging to a motorcycle organization can get you great discounts. Just like your bike reflects who you are, your insurance should too. We can sit down and discuss your options with you to make sure you feel confident day in and day out.

Do you also have a car? Let us reduce your cost by bundling your auto and motorcycle insurance.

Business Insurance

Tony Jordan Insurance Agency understands small businesses and is proud of our area residents and the homegrown businesses that they’ve created. It took years of planning to launch your small business, so give it the protection it deserves.

We offer custom plans that suit your particular business needs and are happy to sit down and talk about your business. We can help you to make choices about the future of your business, including topics with immediate implications like what benefits to offer your employees, and also long term issues like who will run your business after you retire. Tony Jordan Auto Insurance Agency also offers commercial auto protection, property, liability insurance plans and supplemental insurance for the workplace. We can offer everything you need for your business, all with one company, one price and one renewal date. Tony Jordan Insurance Agency can give you the assurance you need to grow your business.


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